Things to do in Lanzarote
Lanzarote is the rugged and exotic Spanish beauty found basking in the sun along with the other Canary Islands. With a dynamic mix of extraordinary landscapes offering visitors an abundance of year round activities, delightful weather throughout 12 months of the year, and everything from luxury resorts to volcanoes, Lanzarote is a holiday maker’s idea of a paradise playground.

Travelling to Lanzarote has never been so affordable and visitors can choose from a fantastic range of cheap holidays from FirstChoice. Lanzarote is one of the most charismatic destinations, and no matter what your idea of a fantastic, relaxing holiday is, Lanzarote will be able to provide it for you. The UN declared the entire island of Lanzarote a national listed Biosphere area in the early 1990’s, because of the intriguing and captivating natural landscapes, and evocative volcanic character.

The backdrop and setting for the various water sports that can be enjoyed on the island is simply breath-taking. Inviting cobalt and turquoise waters twinkling under a summer sun against the backdrop of glittering black volcanic sands and the sunny blue skies which anoint the Island of Lanzarote. Parasailing, wind surfing, jet skiing, snorkelling and wave boarding have never had such a spectacular setting.

The Timanfaya National Park should also be high up on any visitors list coming on holiday to Lanzarote. More than likely the nickname ‘’Fire Island’’ that has been given to Lanzarote, comes from the infamous Montanas del Fuego, or Fire Mountains, which are the beautiful result of Mother Nature’s divine handiwork, from the 18th Century, when more than 100 volcanoes erupted here.

A guided tour through the now protected Lava Park on the back of a camel, is surely one of the most incredible experiences visitors can take away with them, and most certainly one they will never forget.

The incredible system of underground caves, the La Cueva de los Verdes, near Monte de la Corona, is a truly fascinating enigma that is over 5,000 years old. Most of the caves are not suitable for the exploration by visitors, but there is a full stretch, over a mile long, that is lit up, allowing visitors to see first-hand, the intense result of massive volcanic activity that took place all those years ago.

Like any self-respecting holiday island, Lanzarote has plenty of terrific resorts for all ages and tastes. There’s an extensive menu of things to see and do. Settlements range from the traditional towns and villages in the mountains where people make their living from the land, to the fishing villages and resorts tucked in along the coast. Hospitality abounds, and visitors are welcome at the multitude of village Saint Day festivals. There are theme parks and kids activities aplenty, ensuring you won’t be stuck with fractious children becoming bored by long days on the beach. Dining options and night time entertainments certainly won’t disappoint.

Browsing the range of cheap holidays from FirstChoice, will enable you to get the most value for money, without having to forego the luxury of a splendid holiday in Lanzarote.


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